Hey guys!

I know it’s been over a month since I’ve blogged, but hey; uprooting one’s life and replanting it four hours south takes it out of a girl! So, here is just a quick little update on my newest adventure!

I’ve been at Trevecca around four weeks, and I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment. I’ve only had one ugly episode of homesickness, and by week two I felt thoroughly at home here. Loneliness creeps in sometimes, but TNU really emphasizes community and everyone has been SO welcoming. The English program here is very strong, but very small; consequently, the majors are a pretty close-knit little community. It’s wonderful to be around so many like-minded people, I love it. Not only that, but the Professors are AMAZING and have made my overall transition so much easier. From staying with me after class and showing me how to use various databases, to inviting me to their office just to talk about how I’m doing, my the English Professors have gone above and beyond to make me feel welcome here. Outside of the classroom and English building, I go home every day to two amazing roommates who have quickly become some of my closest friends. I always have a group of friends to sit with in Chapel and I’m still church shopping, but have never felt unwelcome or unloved. Overall, things are better than I could have ever imagined. To further illustrate this, here is a a short and mildly entertaining pro/con list:


  • I have learned SO MUCH already
  • There are not one, but two coffee shops on campus
  • They have really great french fries, rice, and broccoli here
  • The wifi actually works (this isn’t a dig at OCC… oh wait, yes it is ;))
  • There’s a tiny grocery store on campus that has 12 Oreos for $1.39.
  • I live within ten minutes of anything I could ever want/need
  • I have my own kitchen in our adorable apartment
  • Campus is just beautiful
  • We have Netflix on our TV
  • They actually have adequate parking
  • All of my my teachers are amazing
  • All of my classes are in 2 buildings that are right across the quad from each other
  • The chapel services are amazing, and there are lots of ministry opportunities.
  • It’s like a sleepover with your best friends every night
  • Fruit tea. Fruit tea. Fruit tea. Fruit tea.


  • I live at the base of the biggest hill on campus
  • Traffic…
  • Living this close to anything and everything is bad for my budget
  • I have to do all my own laundry
  • I have to clean my own kitchen
  • The shoe closet stinks


I would like to thank everyone for all of the prayers and support I have received as I follow God’s dreams for me. Please know that it means the world to me, and I wouldn’t be here without y’alls support. I promise I’ll make ya’ll proud. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some reading to do!


“I’m just like my country; I’m young, scrappy, and hungry and I am not throwing away my shot!” ~Linn Manuel Miranda


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