Hello, Dear Reader:

My name is Torri Brooke, welcome to my thoughts.

To begin, I would like to explain the title of this little corner of my world: “Rooms of my Own…” alludes to Virginia Woolf’s essay, Professions for Women. In this wondrous work of art, Ms Woolf is speaking to a branch of the National Society for Women’s Service in January of 1931. As she addresses her audience, she speaks of how women must resist the standards of society and fight for themselves in order to achieve equality and value. Near the end of her famous speech she says:

“You have won rooms of your own in the house hitherto exclusively owned by men. You are able, though not without great labour and effort, to pay the rent… But this freedom is only a beginning–the room is your own, but it is still bare. It has to be furnished; it has to be decorated; it has to be shared. How are you going to furnish it, how are you going to decorate it? With whom are you going to share it, and upon what terms? These, I think are questions of the utmost importance and interest. For the first time in history you are able to ask them; for the first time you are able to decide for yourselves what the answers should be.”

Thus, this blog receives its name. As a young college student, I am at a place in my life where I am just beginning to gain rooms of my own. I am discovering how I desire to furnish them, with whom I wish to share them, and on what terms and beliefs I will reside in them. What an exciting time to be alive!

Join me as I discover who and what I am meant to be, drink countless cups of coffee, and read lots of books. It’ll be fun, I promise.